2005 Dodge Durango Review

Hi this is Ryan, lane over lagrange we oda and so read inquired about this 2005-2014 Dodge Durango. Want to show you this one right here. When you acquired about ray vehicle. To be an SLP model. As you see silver in color. Reconditioning though just. Paint looks immaculate got some around your shoes Feature. You see there on the side yet you’re bitter flavor. If you’re alloy wheel package. 07 tow package there so it’s all ready to go if you need any towing capacity. If you’re running boards they’re going down the 5.

Dodge Durango Explaining that you have your roof rack on the top. Yeah so I have your all weather here near. Yeah baiser so if you need to roll down the window rainy. He listened, Look Sir go ahead open up sewer look at 3 rows of seating – Very plush. When your room back here you see of additional storage right there 3 rows of seating at the 2 seats here in the back 3 in the middle, so well you have a 7 passenger easily are everybody comfortable. And then those take a look at the back here. Seats folded down for for digital storage. Installed seper light – led tail and fog lihgts, also 2014 Dodge Durango headlights.

Can do that also yeah but what are we got dropped down DVD player is excellent. A bitter entertainment get your remote right there Kelly. Yes it would grainy accent there all wheel drive for the for low for large a lot of different options there on how you want to drive with the cruise control there on the steering wheel your audio controls there. A very nice vehicle overall if your rear NEC controls there. They’re going all the way throughout the vehicle so well let me know what you think this vehicle prying eyes and a lifelong.