So guys is my 2000 to Dodge Dakota. The 4 by 4. As salty. Got Toyo open. Country tires on there. Some. Special edition mud flaps. No if you can see those. Nice Yamaha sticker. This is just a walk around tour of a 2000 to diss coda. Has 90000 miles on it.Very good reliable truck. And now we’re going do start up of it. Do you guys think of it. Here’s the entire. The single care. We’re sliding window. Can right there. Okay. It’s the others. Premium audio. N’t. So it sounds like from the outside. If. Coming off. Rather a little bit. StockRead More →

Hi this is Ryan, lane over lagrange we oda and so read inquired about this 2005-2014 Dodge Durango. Want to show you this one right here. When you acquired about ray vehicle. To be an SLP model. As you see silver in color. Reconditioning though just. Paint looks immaculate got some around your shoes Feature. You see there on the side yet you’re bitter flavor. If you’re alloy wheel package. 07 tow package there so it’s all ready to go if you need any towing capacity. If you’re running boards they’re going down the 5. Explaining that you have your roof rack on the top.Read More →

Continental company has demonstrated the new generation of technology, which, thanks to the mobile Internet will make the car more economical and safer at the last CES. Full name of the technology is dynamic eHorizon. Its purpose is to predict the situation on the road sections of the planned route. Ultimately, it should reduce the fuel consumption and make transport safer. Presentation of news took place on public roads. To achieve the best results in a new generation, eHorizon Continental uses a digital map with the data coming from the cloud system. Information Center collects information on road conditions, including repair work, traffic control modes,Read More →

The fact that the car requires care and careful attitude, motorists do not need to be convinced once again. Especially strong is the link between the actions of the driver and motor period of life. It is necessary to make a couple of minor errors at first glance, as the motor would require an urgent overhaul. Price of it is from $ 700 to $ 3 thousand. If you have the extra money – follow the tips below. No? Then think of them as instructions about what you shouldn’t to do. “Fly” on the car as often as possible. Modern engine is approximately for 300-400Read More →