Whatever your application there’s a Mr gasket micro electric fuel pump born to do the job. Gasoline diesel even ethanol there’s 1000000 uses for everyone. Diesel engine get the 12 D. micro electric fuel pump. It flows 35 gallons per hour at 47 PSI is self priming and comes with a 100 microns in line fuel filter running race still are methanol get the 12 eat it’s just as efficient with ethanol and E. 85 close 35 gallons per hour at 4 to 7 PSI is self priming and comes with a 100 microns in line fuel filter 12 US and 42 S. micro electric fuel pumps work equally well as skill transfer or booster pumps the 12 US is specially designedRead More →

Hydraulic steering provides comfort and increases the safety of driving. It helps the driver to hold control of the car even in the case of bursting of the front tire. The safety of this expensive device depends on the timely maintenance. The need to reduce the effort applied by the drivers to the steering wheel (which is especially important for the trucks) led to the creation of power steering. If you want that the power steering doesn’t break too soon, you should monitor its efficiency (if it is normal, the effort applied to the wheel will be much less than with the engine off), andRead More →