Generator is the heart of your car

Generator is the heart of your car.

Every year the car manufacturers increase the set of functions for the sake of a man’s comfort inside the car. A lot of electrical appliances on board, incandescent bulbs, climate control and audio systems require more electricity and a higher power of generator. Over the past 30 years an average power of generator has become four times higher. It is not surprising that such powerful and complicated devices require special treatment and deep knowledge during diagnostics and repair.

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During the repair of generator you can replace any detail. But not all the car lovers now that to make a qualitative repair you need to take the generator off the car. Before the repair it must be carefully cleaned, and only then you can start to dismantle it. The treatment of electrical appliances always require accuracy. If you won’t to comply with this procedure, the hidden defects can go unnoticed and lead to more serious breaks. The repair of starters and generators takes a lot of time. To avoid the unpleasant surprises, you should pay a lot of attention to the prevention of such an important engine node.